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Thursday, 03 March 2011 10:32

Jeremy Kittel to Perform With Fiddlers ReStrung

at Saline Middle School on Saturday, May 7

Saline, February 16, 2011.  Fiddlers ReStrung is pleased to announce that Saline native and local favorite Jeremy Kittel and his Jeremy Kittel Band will appear with the Saline group at their Spring Hometown Concert at Saline Middle School on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

The concert is certain to be a much in demand event and represents a homecoming for Jeremy after a grueling schedule that has included the release of a new CD.  He has performed multiple times with Fiddlers ReStrung in the past, and of course is an alumnus of the Saline Area Schools program precursor group, the Fiddlers Philharmonic.

In Saline we know fiddler Jeremy Kittel as a native performer who was stirring up excitement in Michigan's Celtic music scene even during the days when he had to be dropped off to play gigs. At this point in his career, the 24-year-old musician has challenged himself at every turn, branching out into bluegrass, jazz, and, as a member of the award-winning Turtle Island Quartet, classical music. Now he lives and works all over the country and the globe.

Jeremy’s latest album, "Chasing Sparks," was recorded in New York, San Francisco, Nashville, and Ann Arbor. His hand-picked (and hand-picking) Jeremy Kittel Band has musical roots traverse the globe. With the drive of Celtic fiddling, the spontaneity of jazz, soul of bluegrass, rhythms of Africa and Latin America, layered melodies of Eastern Europe, and the intricacies of chamber music, the Jeremy Kittel Band has been delivering concerts on the forward edge of progressive acoustic music. "There is a completely overwhelming amount of great art and music, and it's so accessible that it is impossible for me to ignore," Jeremy says. Stop by, renew old acquaintances, and check out the latest from a Washtenaw County–born musician who's making big waves!

Fiddlers ReStrung is a 21-piece string ensemble featured at over 80 performances annually consisting of students at Saline High School, all of whom share in producing a unique ensemble truly their own. The organization is officially sponsored and supported by Saline Area Schools and Saline Community Education.  Students are chosen based not only on musical talent, but personal maturity as well balancing a demanding performance schedule while maintaining high standards in other school activities, sports, and academics.

For additional information on this event or Fiddlers ReStrung, please contact Rebecca Groeb-Driskill, Cultural Arts Specialist, Saline Area Schools at (734) 429-8000 ext. 2338. Call (734) 224-8725 to order tickets or for performance information. You may also click here to order tickets online.